Moving digital content (digital assets) from one system to another can be a huge, but necessary undertaking. Whether your goal is to move from a legacy or home grown solution to something faster and more affordable or you are hoping to consolidate sequestered content into a single system, we can help. Our team of engineers has experience moving billions of documents between some of the widely-adopted repositories.


Content Migration

Moving structured and unstructured digital content between varied systems efficiently requires a deep understanding of how the lower levels an application work. Our engineers are always up to the challenge.

Leveraging powerful tools like Simflofy, we beat most other migration teams by weeks and months. With out-of-the-box connectors to the most widely used systems, migrations are performed quickly with complete data integrity.

We know that moving the data from one repository to another is just part of the equation. Our team will help improve in-flight data to ensure the resulting content adds value to your business.

Some of the services we provide to in-flight data include:

  • redacting and removing PII data
  • updating or creating new content destination paths
  • updating content permissions
  • content transformations for images, documents, and video

Other Services

  • Lazy document migration
  • Email archiving

Case Studies

Oracle 10g to Alfresco Migration


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