Documentum to Alfresco with Simflofy

When I bought my first home, I learned a valuable lesson… things break. During my first year as a home owner I struggled with every leaky faucet and every broken tile. As time went on, things got easier. I learned some new skills which made the fixes more obvious, but more importantly, having spent enough money at Home Depot, I finally had the tools I needed to make those repairs a snap.

Likewise, moving away from a legacy enterprise content management system can be simple, if you have the right tools. In order to show our clients how easy these migrations can be, we put together a short demonstration. In the demo we set up an old install of Documentum with a few digital assets. These included images, PDFs, and Word documents. Using Simflofy we created a simple job to migrate those assets, with metadata, to a new Alfresco server.

Take a look!

[youtube_video] L3AXUF0JuhI [/youtube_video]

Please leave any questions or comments. If you would like more details on setting up a migration, give us a call!


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