Coming soon: Alfresco Connector for Dropbox

Lately here at Fika we’ve been thinking of a fun new Community project for Alfresco that will provide users a way to connect to their content.

In that regard, we noticed an Alfresco integration for Dropbox[1] that was mostly finished, but needed to be updated. The API it used is being retired by Dropbox at the end of this month[2] and the endpoints will be unreachable.

What we’ve done:

We took the original integration, and updated the code to use Dropbox’s Java SDK. We’re using the new API and updating authentication using those tools too, since the authentication process changed as well.

Instead of using oAuth1, Dropbox upgraded to use oAuth2 in order to process authentication requests, so we had to update the code to handle that.

What to expect:

This will just be a beta release as a Community project, so setting up the project to use might be a little complicated.

Additional features and changes will be made over time in order to smooth out the process and provide a more streamlined product. Some of these changes may even be done before we release.

Some of these changes will include:

  • Changes to authentication for easier set up
  • Sync poller to pick up changes from each side and keep content up to date
  • Increased error/conflict handling

Thanks for reading, and keep a lookout for the project on our GitHub!

As always, happy extending!

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