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Configuring Alfresco SAML SSO Module with Okta IdP

Alfresco recently released a new patch for their SAML Single Sign On solution module. This module allows Alfresco user’s to configure their Alfresco installation with their Single Sign On (SSO) Identity Provider. In this tutorial, I’ll explain the process of configuring Okta to be used with the module. Note: This tutorial is assuming you’ve followed… Read more »

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Content Migration: Being Prepared

Much like negotiating a treaty between two countries who do not share a common language, someone will be faced with the task of translating. If that translator is not properly prepared the outcome might create more problems than it solves.

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Debugging and Integration Testing in Alfresco SDK 3.0

Alfresco has updated its SDK! See our articles here and here about the basics. In its current state, SDK 3.0 doesn’t support unit testing. It does, however, have a robust Integration Testing framework which, in many ways, covers the same ground and then some. In this article I’ll be going into the basics of Integration… Read more »

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